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Terms & Conditions


Thank you for your interest in using our Digital Identity platform, MeID, as a means of identifying, verifying, authenticating, and validating yourself.  The aim is to create simplicity for formerly complex needs, thus enabling citizens to achieve a high level of efficiency in their daily lives.

Microchip Technologies Solutions, hereinafter “MTS”, is committed to the development of technologies that allow citizens / users to enjoy the benefits of interoperability, privacy, speed, convenience, quality of life, and efficiency in the systems that surround their environment. These terms and conditions govern the services associated with the use of MeID and any other products, services, medium, or technologies that are developed by MTS or Trusted Partners, except when expressly indicated that other conditions apply. Which can be developed or modified at any time without prior notice always trying to improve the services to its users.

MTS reserves the right of remuneration for the use of products, services, information, Apps, or others that is shared or generated by the company. The information may be hidden and/or visible in aggregate form for evidence-based decision-making by assigned persons, competent authorities, or others. We try to keep the information managed, under custody or stored by the citizen / user and associated devices.

In this sense, the citizen or user accepts the responsibility to safeguard, care for and protect their personal information, files, and data associated with MeID. Care must be taken, and levels of trust confirmed before sharing data, devices or information with companies, authorities, institutions or others requesting your personal information/data. Users also absolved and releases MTS or Trusted Partners from any legal, civil or other liabilities, caused by damages, information mishaps or otherwise. This extends to fires, floods, thefts, robberies, vandalism, riots, gales, disturbances of public order, earthquakes and others of force of nature, force majeure or fortuitous event or others, whether in such events occur inside or outside the territory, which was the services, products, information or Apps were downloaded, whether in Panama or any other territory that  MeID is  operating at the time. Nor will MTS or partners be responsible for the mobile devices of the people who download the application, understanding the diversity of devices that may generate unforeseen variables, particularly those that do not work with Android or iOS.


User engagement

The products and services that MTS and its partners offer, involve multiple parties with the aim of providing endless benefits. To achieve this objective, the following commitments must be made:

End Users

To ensure that products, services, information, and Apps generate substantial benefits, every user enrolled in the system must comply with the following commitments:

  • Permission for data handling:
    • Allow access and manipulation to the unique and personal information stored and the information that is generated when interacting with the linked systems, in order to provide a unique and personalized experience, based on the indicators obtained when performing data analysis and being able to categorize the user profile.
  • Permission to know the location:
    • Since the benefits and privileges that users have are based on the geographical region where they are, to guarantee a better quality of experience and security, geolocation is used to provide access to certain services that require knowledge of the exact location of the user.
  • Permission to send alerts:
    • One of the mechanisms that is proposed to communicate to users that they have certain benefits and privileges, is the system of personalized notifications, through various digital channels, notifications letting them know the risks, benefits, and privileges with which it has and the sites where it can make use of these.


Merchants and e-commerce’s are one of the key areas where users could find benefits, security, and improved performance of the system, allowing to generate beneficial information for all the parties, it is necessary to assume the following commitments:

  • Permission to access data records:
    • In order to generate statistics on the use of benefits and privileges, user traceability, businesses, and efficiency to continuously improve services, it is requested that the participating businesses of the system allow access and manipulation of the data records collected for subsequent study and analysis. Our data privacy policy explains how we use data to bring to market or continuous improvement studies for the ecosystem.
  • Promotion of registration and use of the system
    • Since the digital credential system becomes a channel of access to the distribution of information, products, and services, businesses that wish to do so can play the role of promoters of the use of technology in exchange for obtaining benefits in relation to the number of users registered under their name.


Financial Institutions

With the intention of generating security, statistics of use of identity verification, authentication and validation services, financial institutions that affiliate with the use of these channels, must assume the following commitments:

  • Allow access to identity verification records to generate reports of use of privileges and benefits associated with the profile of users.


Additional considerations

Updating conditions

Fulfilling the mission of continuous optimization and maintaining in constant expansion the scope of security, privacy, products, and services offered by MTS, periodically works are carried out to update the platforms, add new products, services, and security. Therefore, we may need to update these terms to delimit the capabilities of our products and services.


Suspension or cancellation of products and services

To comply with the vision of developing within an internal society, we reserve the right to apply sanction measures to those who violate public order and / or fail to comply with the rules set forth in this document or make malicious use of the digital tools that are provided for their benefit. Similarly, those individuals who attempt against the security of the platforms by trying to manipulate information without the consent of the relevant authorities will be considered grounds for revocation of benefits and privileges.

MTS reserves the right of service or attention for any circumstance that we express openly or not. Whether for citizen protection, human rights, or other.