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What is a RRP?

A Registered Reliant Party (RRP) is any public or private entity that interacts with its clients through MeID, a secure Digital Identity. RRP’s are able to verify that their clients are who they say they are (real), prior to conducting any type of exchange of information, services and goods.

They establish trust between parties, transactions, and in the overall security of the ecosystem. RRP’s agree that all the exchanges are conducted with the consent of their users.

Types of Services

Identity Verification

Verify and authenticate the credential is genuine

Visual Identity

A digital identity crendential that can be used both phisically and digitally

Signature with PKI

Access services securely in real time with digital signature and consent.

Age Verification

Verify the person complies with the age requirement without sharing any additional sensitive information.

Person Verification

Verify the person is who they say they are phisically and digitally, without accesing ther personal data.

One Time Password (OTP)

An additional method of authentication and verification.

Deploy and Scale

Easier, Faster & Secure

A platform with architecture for easy integration and quick go-to-market mindset applications.

RRP Levels

RRP Pricing


An opportunity to level the playing field, secure your digital infrastructure, and facilitate the access to customer.

  • Early Access Stack
  • RRP Community
  • 150 Free Authentications

$0 / per month

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Know your customer, while providing a unique user expirience in your business.

  • Single Company Use
  • Service Level Agreement Support
  • Usage Reports
  • Admin Dashboard

$0.75 / per authentication

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Expand the trust and security between your different organizations with a unique service.

  • Multicompany Use Access
  • Service Level Agreement Support
  • Usage Reports
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Unlimited Authentications

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RRP Requirements & FAQ

Who should apply for a MeID RRP?

Any organization that wants to become part of a secure ecosystem, in which they know their customers are real, avoiding fake undesirable accounts in their systems.

What are the benefits of becoming a MeID RRP?

The primary benefit of MeID is to establish trust in the ecosystem. MeID reduces fraudulent accounts, chargebacks, wrongful product deliveries, and ensures secure remote access of employees, avoiding potential vulnerabilities, among others.

What are the requirements?

Becoming an RRP is simple! It does not matter if you are big or small, we care about building trusted relationships. Just submit to MeID a verifiable copy of your company registry, address, legal representative, and pertinent organizational information.

How long does a RRP Request Approval take?

The verification process is relatively quick! Make sure you provide all relevant information, in order to expedite the process.

What are the technical requirements?

We have technical documentation available to integrate your organization into our secure ecosystem. Support is available with integration tools, support specialists, and technical experts that will assist through the process.

What are the prices for a RRP?

We have different pricing structures and models available to fit your needs, which are based on the types of features, volume of transactions, set-up requirements, and other key variables. We will be glad to provide you with a risk free quote.

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