Beyond KYC, AML, PCI and more

Digitalize Every Process Safe & Securely

Eliminate all paperwork hassle, the multiple levels of identity verification process and the annoying multiple questions to validate a user. Every MeID user is a genuine authenticated person with all the features to sign digitally without hassle, provide consent before every transaction and much more!

Order Pick-Up / Delivery

Verify without breaking personal data protection

Securely verify the person who’s delivering or picking up your order without requesting their ID. Both receiver or delivery person do not need to request any document of identification nor see each others’ details such as ID number, birth date, address nor full name. Simply scan a QR code that confirms the person is correct.

Healthcare Protocols & Interoperability

Beyond HIPAA, HL7, FHIR and more

Achieve interoperability between systems on all health sector from pharmacies, laboratories, clinics, hospitals and insurance companies with MeID and comply with all the personal data protection protocols and policies for all patients and healthcare staff.

Events Tickets & E-Commerce

Eliminate fraud, scams or identity theft

Venues and Vendors can verify ticket holders without requesting any personal identification document nor do ticket buyers have to be worried about purchasing fake tickets. Every sale or purchasing transaction can be secured with MeID’s security features ensuring both the parties and the transaction in the ecosystem. In an e-commerce marketplace, all vendors and shoppers would be authenticated. All fraudulent and chargeback transactions can be eliminated.

A world of opportunities

No matter where, what and how, identity is a right every person owns and is the common factor in every system or platform of every sector and every country.

MeID offers the rights and needs of every person and entity, with regards to personal data protection and interoperability beyond border and framework.

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