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It’s Personal for Us

Daily and across the world people are denied their most basic freedoms. The access to an identity is a powerful tool to transform someone’s life and their future! It can be the key for them to gain access to Education, Healthcare, Justice System, Legal Representation, Political Participation, Finance/Payments, and the opportunity to be a Productive Member of Society.

How We Know

Our team has had first hand experience, impacting rural communities with Digital Technologies. We expanded the access of citizens to federal and state agencies, through electronic tools, empowering them to participate and have a stake in the decision making process, and ensure their government benefits (NDGROP).

On the other hand, we have learned that the misuse of technological tools and systems have resulted in the exclusion of population groups, irrespective of having proper documentation, adequate requirements, and following indicated procedures, among others. 

Together we can solve these challenges! MeID ensures proper use of technological tools and systems, empowering individuals, guaranteeing access to their rights, privileges, and services, ultimately benefiting society as whole.

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Privacy is Our Priority

Your privacy is one of the key components provided by MeID to guarantee your safety!

Only YOU should be able to control your personal information, access points, and relatable data.

Millions of unsuspecting people each year have their data stolen and used to access: Bank accounts, E-Commerce Platform Accounts, Payments, Medical Records, while conducting criminal offences on your behalf like: Financial Fraud,  Insurance Fraud, Legal Malpractice, Cybercrimes, Supplanting your Identity and Theft.

What if you could keep track of your ID, Where it is used, Who tries to gain access to it and For What purpose?

Now you can with MeID!


Proud Partners Showcasing

From one, We transformed into many!

Global Digital Identity Interoperability is a mission that we have been working for since the early 2000’s under different agencies, governments, regions, and countries.

All these efforts are the achievement of a multigenerational effort of individuals, valuable partners, teams of organizations, supporters, and believers, who have worked tirelessly together for the development of the technology, concepts, and community.


For a Better World

Our generation is facing world class challenges, requiring a level of unprecedented coordination, and unity to face them together.

Our Interoperable, Omnichannel, Digital Identity will become an important tool to organize our societies, without losing the individual’s perspective and liberties.

The world needs and requires better tools, able to create sustainable development, perfect allocation of resources, eliminating waste, increasing functionality, productivity, and a citizen centric experience ecosystem.

MeID is just the beginning! Join us and help to decide what happens next!

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