It is an App available for private and public institutions, known as RRP’s (Registered Relying Party’s), for the physical and digital verification of MeID users with their consent.

Tie Together Your Customer’s Physical and Digital Experiences

VERiFYme grants access to your customer’s relevant information to make informed decision, improving the user’s experience, while ensuring their privacy and security in the physical and digital worlds.

Simplify Your Customer´s Life!

Reduce the necessary steps and required knowledge of your clients to Know Your Customer (KYC), providing a simple and automated experience to recognize relevant indications to make informed decisions and personalized services.

Together we will take your user experience to the next level with VERiFICAme, the tool you will need to expand your business, products and services.

Become a Market Leader

By simplifying and automating the authentication process of your clients through VERiFYme, your organization can focus on its core business, providing the best quality, experience, and personalization of your products, services, and valuable customer information.

Fast Authentication Services

Authenticate required information in real time of MeID users! After sending the request, the MeID user will receive a notification to consent in their mobile device, providing a approval or denial responds for the authentication of their information. In seconds of their approval you can confirm the authenticity of the user and his/her information.

No Internet, No Data, No Problem

Your visual identification provides a simple and secure way to verify your identity. It also provides offline capabilities for customer information authentication, while keeping it private and secure.

Content, Products, and Benefits

Password free identity verification, authentication, and confirmation of secure access to benefits, discounts, product lines, and services.

It can also serve as a tool to restrictive access for controlled products, substances, services, content or that require parental consent.

Making new connections through every device

Install your VERiFYme App in any compatible digital device, mobile, tablets, computers, or stand alone stations. The versatility of use cases are only limited by your imagination.


Turn any mobile device into a resourceful tool for physical, digital, and remote identity authentication of your customer’s valuable information.


Turn any tablet into a business resource for user self enrollment, service management or portal to access information, services, and products.

Unmanned Stations

Amplify your automated services with unmanned stations that let customer’s interact quickly after conducting a secure authentication granting them access to your services, products, and information.


Customer Services

Make your customer’s feel special, safe, and secure, while granting them authenticated access and seamless experience to your information, products, and services.

Order Fulfillment

Eliminate fake accounts, wrongful purchase orders, chargebacks, and confirmation of delivery of products by authenticating your customers with their MeID and VERiFICAme.

VIP Customer Service

Appreciate your VIP customers by providing a unique shopping experience with exclusive areas inside your physical and digital stores of selected products or services available to them after seamless authenticating with VERiFICAme. 

Exclusive Store Areas

Keep available store areas for authenticated customers providing access to differentiated products or high ticket items, expanding the sense of valued customer, user experience, and security.

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MeID has successfully balanced our security requirements with the customers needs of speed and convenience. I wish other components of our business were this easy to integrate. Keep up the good work guys!

-Digital Entrepreneur

Digital Identity has become a vital component of our national security infrastructure, we are glad to count on your expertise to keep improving our cybersecurity and foreign assets.

-National Security Adviser

MeID has privatize digital governance and how governments should work. Please takeover other government services and utilities.

-Active Digital Citizen

I’ve saved hundreds of dollars from eliminating chargebacks, fake accounts and confirmation of delivery of my products. Thank you for being a valuable partner and helping my business grow.


As we moved from a brick and mortar company, the MeID helped us to understand the digital space. More than a technology company, they are value added service providers that we trust. As you keep growing, please don’t change your customer care.



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