Make Sure to Know Our

Privacy Policy


In order to achieve adequate performance and a unique experience for each of the products and services associated with mobile identity, we must handle user information. The type of information we collect depends on how the products and services are used. We do our best effort to make sure that your information properly managed and maintain private.


Information provided to us by users

We collect information that users provide at the time of the registration process to obtain the digital document, as well as for any type of registration that involves the verification of their identity. This may include information such as the interactions that take place, the processes that are carried out and those responsible for these. It can also include metadata of the resources used, such as the location of the devices, biometric, to data of the peripherals that are used to support some process, in order to be able to maintain high levels of security, privacy, and perform analysis of uses of digital tools in order to provide personalized experiences per user based on their profile.


Usage Information

We collect information generated by the interaction of users with the access points to the system in order to maintain privacy, a traceability of use, feeding the profile and supporting the personal preferences of each one. This allows you to customize the services to suit each person and achieve a distinction in the associated privileges and benefits.


Device information

The following describes the information that is collected from the devices that interact with the services associated with the MeID, computers, cell phones, smart cards, digital accessories, and others, in order to maintain control of the access points to the Identity Verification, Authentication, Validation system and achieve optimal levels of security in the handling of the data privacy.

The information we collect from these devices includes:

Device attributes

Information such as operating system, hardware versions, battery charge, available storage, applications, files, credentials contained plugins and others.


Device Operations

Information about the operations and interactions of the devices with the access points to the Identity Verification, Authentication, Validation, and other systems, for example, when an authorized entity performs an identity verification, the operation will be recorded, storing verification, who verified, where the interaction took place and the timestamp of said operation.



Unique device identifiers, other identifiers generated by operations, identifiers of linked devices and devices with which they interact.


Device configuration data

Information that you allow us to collect when activating the functions of GPRS, camera, credential registration, NFC, BLE, QR Codes, and other functions in order to use the services associated with the operations of the MeID.


Device signals

Bluetooth signals, wifi access points, beacons, nearby phone towers, and others.


Connections and Networks

Information from the cell phone operator or internet service provider, language, time zone, cell phone number, IP address, connection speed and, sometimes, information from devices that are nearby, connected to the same network, to provide support in operations, for example, the enjoyment of certain benefits in places where access terminals to the system compatible with the privileges held by the credential of the users are located and others.


Information from trusted verification bodies

Entities that make use of the identity verification, authentication, validation services may provide us with information that they collect through the tools of interaction of users with the systems. These provide us with information such as the flow of people through your access point, device usage statistics, as well as the trend of products and services consumed by users. For example, a merchant that makes use of an Identity Verification, Authentication, Validation tool may provide the record of user interactions in order to generate loyalty programs by frequency of consumption of certain products and / or services.


How do we use this information?

We use the information to ensure that you are who you say you are and not allow the creation of fake accounts or users. We collect to support existing products and services, as well as to offer new products and / or generate user segments, in order to create distinctions between these and to be able to provide new products and personalized services tailored to user profiles, improving the quality of life of our users, while attempting to maintain their privacy.


Customizing the user experience

As users enter more data into their profile and use more frequently the products and services associated with the MeID, the data collected will be useful to personalize the interaction of each user, creating an individual ecosystem, with the different access points to the system, granting benefits and privileges based on the personal preferences of each user, as well as the frequency of use of each of the different products and services.


Creation and improvement of products and services

We make use of the reports of registrations and interaction of the users to improve the quality of the existing products and services and personalize the experience of use, as well as to generate new products and services based on the demand of use and the trends that the statistical studies of the same show, in order to be able to satisfy the demands and needs of the users.


Market statistics and indicators

In order to incorporate more and more benefits for users, the data collected from the use of products and services are used to generate market indicators that serve as an attraction for brands and businesses, creating the initiative to be an active part of the ecosystem and offering new and better promotions and offers to users of the system. The data used for the generation of these indicators does not compromise the integrity of the users or put each of them at risk of being identified.

Our data privacy policy explains how we collect data and how it is used to ensure the most enjoyable user experience possible.


Associated services

The mission of MTS is to generate a completely personalized interoperable ecosystem for each user, guaranteeing the enjoyment of all the rights and privileges that a citizen, while maintaining their privacy. In order to fulfill this mission, we offer a range of products and services.

The data privacy policy may change over time based on the requirements of the market and needs of our users to improve their safety, data security, privacy, and user experience.